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Thread: When taming my birds should I keep them in seperate cages? <(")

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    Naava Brand New Egg Naava's Avatar
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    Cool When taming my birds should I keep them in seperate cages? <(")

    Hiya! My budgies were kept in a small 1 foot by 1 foot cage for three months with nothing but a ladder, one plastic perch, one mirror/perch, and not enough food or fresh water. they have obivously bonded, but when i am taming them, should I seperate them?

    sometimes they hack et each other, or fly away from each other if the other bird tries to get to close to them on a perch. and my male will somes chase my female away from the food bowl if she is getting in his way (but she is getting food, I have watched this episode closely- she eats when he isn't). and sometimes they scream at each other, but i think they enjoy each otherr's company most of the time.

    i want to tame them, but should i put them in seperate cages for this? if i should, should i put the cages next to each other, or what? or is there a way to get them to 'let me into their flock'?

    thanks so much! i know they can be great birds with a little time and effort.

    Naava <(")

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    Brand New Egg Delirium's Avatar
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    Re: When taming my birds should I keep them in seperate cages? <(")

    Yes keep them separated and in different rooms when taming, so their full attention is on you and not the other bird.

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