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Thread: lonely budgie

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    lonely budgie

    i bought 2 budgies quite a few years ago.well 1 of my budgies has just died,is it wise to replace her or wont the other accept a new one.

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    Re: lonely budgie

    I'm so sorry that you lost one of your little budgies. Were the two of them a mated pair, or both either female or male?? I think it would be great if you could get another one, but there would be some things you would need to consider first in regard to pairing them together. If it were me, I woud keep them in separate cages for at least 30 days, to quarantine in case of diesase that might be present in the new one. That usually isn't the case, but it is highly recommended to do so. Also, budiges are usually much easier to sex than tiels. You can tell the sex of a budgie by the color of the cier (the little area right above its beak). If it is very light color or tan color, it would be a female. If it is a blue color or dark blue color then it would be a male. If you are thinking of getting a new "baby" budgie, then you want to be sure that it doesn't "mate" with the older one for at least a year because of the fact it can get egg bound (female) and could die. I have homed parakeets for many years and most of the time two parakeets of the same sex will get along quite well in the cage together. Once you pass quaraintine, and if you have two of the same sex you could put them in the cage together. In the meantime you could set them side by side in separate cages until then. I have found keets to be a very precious and what I call hardy little bird. They LOVE their environment, their cages, and being out to fly on occasion. But they do not necessarily need to be out of the cage to fly around. That would be your own preference. They still are a happy bird. They love to eat and play with their toys, and just chatter away.

    I hope this info is of some help to you. You also can find lots of info on this website about keets in general. Whatever your decision, I hope it works out for the best for you.

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    Re: lonely budgie

    If you are going to get a replacement mate for your other budgie definitely impose the 30 day quarantine. Not just for the health reasons but because your budgie needs time to grieve for his lost companion and throwing another bird right into the mix will cause stress.
    Just spend time talking and playing with him/her to help them through the grieving. It can be good for both of you if you were both attached to the late budgie.
    Can you give us some more information about them? Are they full time cage birds? Hand reared? Were they a mating pair?

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