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Thread: a new budgie !

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    a new budgie !

    we have a budgie that has been with us for at least 8 months...decided that it would maybe be good for her(our budgie has really brown nose)so a female!.. to have company.
    we bought a male budgie yesterday.and he hasnt been eating and only sits in the cage...not much moving,our bird was really friendly at first but now shes not so good to him? attacking him & is ready to try to bite into him, should we just leave them alone,will the new one start to eat? will they get along.... ?

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    Re: a new budgie !

    You can't just buy a new bird and put it in the old ones cage, it causes fighting as you've seen. She sees him as an intruder in her territory. To get a second bird you need a second cage and then to introduce them on NEUTRAL territory. Once bonded they can share a cage. Also, with a male/female pair, are you ready for eggs? Do you know what to do to prevent egg binding?

    For now separate them. He's settling in, he's nervous, scared, stressed and her attacking isn't helping him settle in. Birds need time to get used to their new surroundings. Sitting still in his cage is normal for the first few days.

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