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Thread: learn from my mistake re: clipped birds

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    learn from my mistake re: clipped birds

    I had a very very close call with my Senegal yesterday that I am hoping others can learn from

    My hubby and I took our bird with us to visit our relatives this week. We are staying at my Grandma's who lives beside a pond/lake. Yesterday after dinner we headed out onto the deck to enjoy the weather and I took Risa out with us. I had her leash on, but she kept picking at it and was making signs she was going to go right through the chest strap. Since we where far away from the water and no predators where about I took the leash off. I had just re-clipped her before we left.

    Instantly she spooked and took off towards the lake. I expected her to only go a few meters, she's never made it further then that, but she cleared the bullrushes and kept going, trying to find a safe place to land but finding only more water. She finally landed in the middle about 10 meters in. I dove into the water (clothes and all) and swam after her. Meanwhile my hubby ran out of the house and had the good sense to realise the water is only about 3 feet deep and waded in. My grandma grabbed the canoe.

    Mark reached Risa first, who had landed in an area with lots of weeds underneath that have her some support, she was splashing about and fluttering her way to some more bull rushes. We plucked her out, held her close and headed back to shore. I went inside to warm her up/wash her off with a warm shower and then we stuck her under a lamp to warm her up.

    She was in shock for a good hour, but seems to have made a full recovery. I think she swallowed some pond water, but did not inhale any, The upside is her feathers have never been softer. I lost a shoe somewhere in the pond, but that's a small sacrifice.

    Risa has learned from this adventure that she is not a duck. I have learned that even clipped birds can fly very far if they try hard enough.

    Keep your clipped birds on a leash outside no matter how safe you think they are!!

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    Re: learn from my mistake re: clipped birds

    That must have been scary, glad she made it out OK!

    Yes even a clipped bird can fly, which is why I always caution users to not take their birds out even if they are clipped without a leash or extensive recall training. My tiel made it out the door once because the boyfriend was convinced clipped means safe and had the door open longer than he should have and he was above our second story overhang in a flash.

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    Re: learn from my mistake re: clipped birds

    I'm glad Risa is safe and with her family! I am sure it was a traumatic experience. I always take Ollie out in his little carrying cage.
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