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Thread: New baby cockatiel flying at older cockatiel

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    New baby cockatiel flying at older cockatiel


    Having been through quarantine and having blood tests done and getting the all clear from my vets, I introduced my baby male tiel with my older female tiel on the weekend. They have separate cages.

    I held Jaspa my older tiel up to Olli and immediately he hissed at her (he was the only bird being hand raised so doesnt have any siblings). Throughout the weekend when they were both out of their cages supervised he would fly at her and try to bite he feet - Jaspa just flies or moves away from him. Other times he tried to get food from her beak (she just snapped back at him).

    I'm wondering whether it might be jealousy. He's about 13 weeks old now. I didn't have any of these issues with my other male Gabi who died 8 weeks ago - though Jaspa ignored him, he would just follow her around but never flew at her.

    I know its early days but I just wondered if anyone has experienced this and has any suggestions how to deal with it.


    Tiels Gabi (RIP Aug 2011 - 3 yrs) and Jaspa (RIP Sept 2014 - 12 yrs); Tiel Olli (3 yrs)
    Budgies Sam and Zakie - RIP

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    Re: New baby cockatiel flying at older cockatiel

    There may be several things happening in this situation. First, it appears that Olli is simply trying to make friends with Jaspa. Birds naturally go for the feet and beak - they clean one another. And, the feet preening is a way of making his introduction. Also, baby and juvenile birds might beg for food from other birds, but they also clean one another's beaks and inside the mouths.
    Everything Olli's doing seems to be just making friends. The hissing is also kind of an introductory behavior. If it persists, the introductions might not be going too well yet.
    The things you say that Jaspa's doing appear to be signs of grieving for Gabi. Birds go through a mourning process, just like we do. (I once lost a bird and his best friend called and called for him and finally passed away from grief)
    I would recommend just letting Jaspa take the first step in making friends. Cockatiels are very friendly and I trust that in time, they'll get along just great.

    I'm so very sorry for your loss of Gabi.

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