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Thread: Green cheek conure vs quaker

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    Question Green cheek conure vs quaker

    Hi all, I have a green cheek and I was wondering what the differences are between the green cheeks and the quakers? My green cheek is very quiet he hardly squawks at all, actually he usually only makes noise when I run the vacuum. I haven't had him for to long yet he is still a baby but was hand raised and is very friendly but does nip sometimes. Is there any easy tricks I can teach him to do? Also I was wondering what bird is more expensive to buy a green cheek conure or a green quaker? I live in Canada. I hear that quakers are a bit smarter and better talkers and have heard different people say different things about noise levels but all I know is my green cheek is pretty quiet. Any other differences between the two birds? Thanks.

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    Re: Green cheek conure vs quaker

    hi there sugartwist,

    I own neither of the birds you refer to, but in the "Other parrots" forum, there is a 'sticky' (kept at the top) thread called "the problem with Quakers" that I personally found interesting, even when not considering buying a bird (Two budgies qeep me quite entertained and occupied enough!) As for the grren cheeks, as you pointed out, your bird is very young, and will likely develop different sounds and squawks as he grows older. For more specifics, visit the conure forum and browse through the threads, maybe put a word in the search opyion and see what it returns, you may be surprised how much info is on tis site!

    Happy browsing!

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    Re: Green cheek conure vs quaker

    I know it's a couple weeks later but I *hope* you're still around to read this. I have experience with both of these birds, though not years of experience with either. My aunt has a quaker and I got my GCC some months back.

    It's true that some quakers can talk, but you should not get a bird because of it's talking ability. Not all birds talk, even if they are from a species known to do such. My aunts quaker is a few years old and hasn't said a word. All she does is generally be extremely noisy. GCC's also have the ability to talk but their voice is a bit raspier than other birds and some are better at it than others. Some just plain won't do it at all. Neelix says "thank you" "what are you doing" and "step up" but I'm not sure if everyone would recognize it. Except "thank you" ... He's pretty clear with it. He's also under a year old. Some birds won't learn to talk ever, some will take years, and some will get it right off the bat.

    My aunts quaker is really loud and very finicky. Of course every bird has it's own personalities. Her quaker is bonded to her and only her. She gets nervous if I'm by her cage and she's extremely fearful for some reason. But she will bite you hard if you put your fingers near her. My aunt can hold her, pet her, and play with her just fine but when she's in the mood she'll still bite her (though not too hard unless she's jealous of something or mad.) For some reason she is not huge into toys, but I know that other quakers can be. It just depends on the bird to be honest.

    GCC's are very nippy birds. Even with proper training some will still nip on occasion. Neelix has only drawn blood once, and it was because he knew I was leaving and he'd be stuck in his cage for two hours. He plays with his beak a lot and I've tried to tell him not to bite but he's a bossy little bird. As I said earlier he does say a few things, but he only says them if it's the morning and he wants to be awake (although that's mostly just chirping and whining), at night when I cover him up (THATS when he starts to say a lot of words), and when he's in trouble where he will say some words sometimes and ask me what I'm doing. He's extremely playful and full of energy but makes up his own rules and doesn't listen to mine. He's very stubborn.

    You can teach either bird to do tricks. Look up clicker training. When I got Neelix I taught him to spin around in circles and follow a target stick. Then I got lazy and haven't taught him anything since then. I wouldn't say either bird is smarter than the other, and that really shouldn't be your reasoning for getting a certain bird anyway. I would go with a bird that fits your personality and that you bond with well. If you only want a bird that can learn tricks on a fly, talk and impress all your friends, then I wouldn't get a bird because those are all the wrong reasons.

    Also, I'm not sure when quakers do but when GCC's go through their hormonal phase I've heard of quite a few getting a bit nippier, so it's important to try and teach him his boundaries when he starts to test his beak out on you.

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