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Thread: Needing some advice please

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    Needing some advice please

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and new to raising birds. I acquired my birds through work, we have lovebirds at work and the person we got those from had the parents and needed a new home for them. So I took them. I have grown very attached to them as has my husband. They laid 5 eggs over the course of about a week or so... and the first is due to hatch (my best guess) next weekend. I have read that you should check the eggs about a week before they are to hatch but my female bird won't leave the nest and will not let me near the eggs. I do not have a nesting box, we weren't planning on them nesting and laying eggs. Hence, they laid their eggs in their "fuzzy hut". I do want to make sure the babies are okay but not sure what I should be doing. Can anyone help me please.


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    Re: Needing some advice please

    Welcome to the site Arlene. I wished I could help you with your question but I dont know anything about babies or what to do when they have eggs. We do have lots of bird breeders here so hopefully soon one will come on to help you. I do hope your two lovies will do just fine with these babies and after this batch you need to look at the site and do what you need to do to hopefully stop them from laying again.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Needing some advice please

    Welcome to the community. I don't have any experience with lovebirds either, but I'm sure that someone will respond to your request in due time. Hope you have a great experience with your new chicks!

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    Re: Needing some advice please

    a pair of my lovebirds hatched a baby in a fuzzy hut. i put a cardboard box in on a shelf with newspaper and pine shavings and the female went nuts taking stuff to the nest and shreding it to a fine shred for nesting material. the baby is now 17 days old and has been fine. i handled the baby from day 1 for a couple minutes every day and checked to make sure they were feeding and keeping it warm. they r great parents a lot of times parents won't let ya check them.

    my only concern is my hut hangs from the very top of the cage and is really high(its about 5ft tall) i'm worried once mobile the baby will fall out but since i'm experienced at raising/hand rearing birds i'm working on setting up a brooder to pull it for hand feeding. i want it totally tame so my children can hold and play w it my breeders r not tame enough for them to hold and they want to be able to bond with it. i'm working on teaching the adults to be held being they were bought from other breeders they were not really held so some r more nippy than others.

    once i pull the baby it will be in the brooder i don't have to worry about it falling and then the hut is going to be taken out or moved down lower for safety of babies in case it happens again. in all honesty unless u want it to be really hand tamed like i'm doing with mine u really need not do anything they will do it all them selves. just make sure they have plenty of fresh water, feed and nesting material. if u want it hand tamed but don't want to mess with the hand feeding just take it out a few min each day and spend time w/ it so it is well socialized. hope that helps ya some.

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