i have a single female cockatiel 3 ys. she last laid around 7 eggs in october around 15th was her last egg. before that she laid around 3 eggs in september & around four in august. earlier for the 1st 2 years she laid only once a year aroud march april. she again laid last night & was sitting on the egg. suddenly 24 hrs later as soon as she got up from her egg she tried to chirp but could not. she was also eating less since afternoon. she was tail bobbing & sleepy for an hour. And then woke up & ate & preened herself. i caught her & looked for any swelling but could not see anything as she was struggling(she is not tame). i could not see any yellow thing in her poop also. she also showed mating behaviour( the usual one with tail up & squeaking sound). but she has just chirped once as i write this. she's craving for greens & eating wheat flour dough rt now. Could there be a egg yolk peritonitis problem with her as it is associated with loss of vocalization. she seems quite ok now after an hour not sleepy n & breathing heavily. tail bobbing is present a little but she usually has it when she is laying eggs. ive taken her egg away for a while so that she can get a bit active. ill try n contact a vet tom though im new to this city n bird vets are difficult to find. please advise because ive seen egg binding before in pigeons but i havent faced this egg yolk peritonitis so dont have much idea about it. what are its other symptoms. wud an x ray help to detect? now as i finish writing this she's already chirped 5 or 6 times. is there some problem or was she just broody after sitting on the egg all day.
thank you