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Thread: New toy I made, tutorial with pictures!

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    Talking New toy I made, tutorial with pictures!

    Hello! I just went to JO-AANs earlier today and got colored popsicle sticks, hemp and pony beads, and came up with this design for a toy for my two budgies this toy looks very colorful and appeasing to birds and also has little treats on the ends. Heres the tutorial:

    step #1
    Materials needed are:
    Jumbo colored popsicle sticks,
    Two soda-pop caps,
    Hot glue,
    Hemp string,
    and colorful Pony beads.

    step #2
    Cut 6 popsicle sticks in half and lay out half of the sticks in any order you decide, (im doing rainbow)

    step #3
    Add two small globs of hot glue on each end of your first color.

    step #4
    add the two bottle caps on each side, making sure the inside of the cap is facing outwards.

    step #5
    keep adding hot glue and continuing the half popsicle sticks around the outside edge.

    step #6
    when you reach the second to last popsicle stick, stop. Take a long piece of hemp and tie a pony bead to the end.

    step #7
    drape the end of hemp with the bead on it, into the toy.
    and add the last popsicle stick.

    string some colorful beads onto the excess string if you'd like, and make sure no hot glue could be accessed by your bird.
    Remember! Before putting the toy in your birds cage, fill the soda caps with peanut butter, dip in seeds, and place in the freezer for a little bit. I hope your birds enjoy!

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    Re: New toy I made, tutorial with pictures!

    Wish your photos were able to be seen.
    I question the use of hot glue. If I'm not mistaken, I think it's toxic to birds. Maybe someone who knows about hot glue will respond. And, the bottle caps? Are they safe???

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    Re: New toy I made, tutorial with pictures!

    Hot glue shouldn't be ingested, it can be used in certain things (like play stands) if you make sure they can't get to it, but I wouldn't use it for a toy. Something like honey which is edible and can be turned into a sort of glue would be safer.

    As for soda caps, they are fine if you wash them and remove the soft plastic liner that is inside of them. My bird is always pushing them around and using them as foot toys. Though if you notice a bird eating a lot of the plastic I wouldn't suggest keeping it, as it's not exactly good for their stomachs.

    And yeah your pictures aren't viewable make sure if you are using a URL link to insert them you unclick the box that says retrieve remote file reference.

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