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Thread: How come my cockatiel doesn't get along with my budgie?

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    How come my cockatiel doesn't get along with my budgie?

    I once had two budgies and one cockatiel, but recently, one of them died and the budgie is lonely now. His friend was yellow and so is my cockatiel. I felt sorry for him so I decided to try to get him a new friend. I introduced both of them (on the budgie's cage) and the budgie seems friendly and wants to become friends with my cockatiel, but he was another story. The cockatiel is grumpy and wants his personal space, he'd hiss and give a few bites (not anything serious) whenever the budgie comes close. My cockatiel acts friendly towards me, however. Is this normal behavior? My cockatiel is going through his first molt by the way, so could this be the reason he is so aggressive? My budgie isn't doing anything wrong, or not that I know of. Once he knew the cockatiel was uncomfortable around him, he kept his distance and would groom the cockatiel's tail when he isn't looking. It's cute, but I feel very sorry for him. Is there a way for them to be friends? I know I'm supposed to play with the budgie too, but he is more of a 'flock' kind of bird, you know? He prefers his own kind much better.

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    Re: How come my cockatiel doesn't get along with my budgie?

    Hi Coral, It isn't unusual that your cockatiel would be more or less "annoyed" by your little budgie. From what I have read tiels just don't care much for budgies in their cage. Now that is not to say that they can't get along at all, because I've seen some on YouTube that are in the same cage and are best friends. Do you have two cages so that you could put them side by side in their own cage. Right now I have a tiel and a budgie and each has their own cage, but they are quite close together, and each one observes the others behavior. My budgie, Muffin is still a baby, but he sure watches everything that Ollie my tiel does. They preen at the same time, eat at the same time, make chirps and sounds, and I think they enjoy each other's company. There is no doubt that your little budgie probably is lonely right now because he lost his "pal". Perhaps you might consider getting another budgie for him. And I would say that going through a molt is very stressful for a tiel. Maybe after he gets finished with the molt, they might get along better.

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