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Thread: Male tiel and male problems..:P

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    Male tiel and male problems..:P

    OK, embarrassing as this may be, I have two tiels. One female one male. I got her first, and she is so sweet and will not bite. I got him second, WOW...hes very very mean. Bites, very protective of his cage and isnt nice to her at all. She will come over to visit him and he tries to bite her tail and her feet and will attack her if she comes into his cage. I remove her as soon as I see him become aggressive. I thought perhaps they could mate but he will not be nice to her although, when I separate their cages so they cant see each other, they talk back and forth and act distressed. Big prob is the male loves his perch..(sigh)He gets very FOND of his bar several times an hour..this is getting worse and worse. I have considered the option of getting another cage and introducing them both to it at the same time, so there is no fighting bc of them protecting their cages. She doesnt try and bite him if he comes over to her cage but he hates it when she does. Also , it is normal for him to be masturbating so often?

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    Re: Male tiel and male problems..:P

    I dont know about tiels but I sure know my lovebird did a awful lot of "rub-rubbing" for nine years and no matter what I tried he still loved to do it.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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