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Thread: Relocating internationally (Sweden)

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    Relocating internationally (Sweden)

    Hi guys!

    Long time reader, first time posting.

    Dan wrote the very helpful "Moving Pet Birds Internationally" article, but I was hoping to get further insight from anyone that might have been through this experience.

    I recently found out that I may be moving to Stockholm, possibly within the next 6-8 weeks.

    I started the applications for permits as soon as I found out, but I'm finding the process incredibly daunting. And I'm finding helpful/informed officials almost entirely lacking.

    Has anyone else here moved internationally? Or even better, to Sweden (i'm hoping maybe Dan has some insight since he specifically mentions Sweden in his article). If so, I'd really appreciate being able to bounce ideas and concerns off you. A little reassurance would go a long way. Who knew the simple act of moving with a cherished pet would be so difficult!

    Our bird is Pickle, a sweet-heart black-capped conure.

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    Re: Relocating internationally (Sweden)

    Hey - just wanted to say sorry for missing this post completely. I replied to your PM as well! Just for others who may find this post, here is what I advised:

    Essentially, on the whole, what you'll need is the CITES export permit (from wherever you happen to be based), the EU health certificate, and then something I missed - the actual import CITES permit from Sweden as well (I thought the EU health certificate -- to be filled out in your country of origin -- was enough but it is not). Unfortunately if you're coming from the US I'm not sure if a month or two will be enough to get the export permit, unless you are really good at hassling and getting something pushed through faster than usual lol.

    If you're based anywhere in the EU, then you're in luck as you don't really need to do anything at all, since pet imports have been centralised at the EU level.

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