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Thread: Temporary owner

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    Temporary owner

    Hi.....need a bit of advice. Am currently looking after my sister's cockatiel as she is in the hospital. She will be away for at least a week. I am wondering if I should consider bringing her pet to my home or leave him where he is even tho' he will be alone all day. I do go in once a day to feed him etc. but would like to know which would be the least stressful for him. It is winter here where I live and would be quite cold when I try to move him. He doesn't seem to be eating much & is very quiet.

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    Re: Temporary owner

    I would ask your sister if she thinks if it would be OK to take him home with you. I would think he would like being at your house because it least he would have someone to talk to him and give him attention now and then. I bird sit for peoples birds and always have them here at my house and after a day of being here most of the birds perk right up and seem happy to be here. I like to think of it as a vacation for the birds because they are in a new place and I like to spoil them.
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    Re: Temporary owner

    I totally agree with Deanna! I have a friend that "bird sits" a cockatiel, when its owners have to be away from home, and the tiel simply loves the intereaction that he gets from being with someone. My friend also works each day, but is at home during the evening and week-ends and the tiel and my friend have a great time together. So, if your sister agrees. . . . it's vacation time for this little tiel!!

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    Re: Temporary owner

    Elinor, By all means bring the cockatiel home with you. The person that Ellen is speaking of is me. I watch Butch when his "parronts" are out of town. Cockatiels require attention and the interaction would be good for him/her. I know it's cold in Canada, so If you would like to bring him home, make sure your car is warmed up well, and it if it has a carrier, place the tiel in the carrier and then wrap in a warm blanket. Also, bring his cage with you so it knows it's home. It may take it a couple of days to adjust to the new environment, so speak softly and give it plenty of attention. I hope your sister agrees with your situation. Like Deanna and Ellen mentioned, bird's like vacation time too!!

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