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Thread: Red iris eyes on non lutino cockatiels

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    Red iris eyes on non lutino cockatiels

    I have been breeding Tiels for 8 years now and have never had chicks born with red isised eyes they are from my lutino line but are pale pieds just like mom & dad but both chicks have ruby sparkles in big dark eyes. How common is this mutation? I have no idea if they should sell as rares or common. Thanks for any info you can give

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    Re: Red iris eyes on non lutino cockatiels

    Can you please post pix's of your birds...I'm not sure what you are describing.

    If you have lutinos that do not produce visual lutinos what you may have is cinnamon fallows. Visually they look like lutinos....but in their background is a fallow that was paired with a cinnamon split fallow. It is the cinnamon genet that totally masks the fallow gene and the offspring look like regular lutinos, or very pale cinnamon lutinos. What you need once you breed them and get no visual lutinos pair them with fallows to see if you gety fallows to confirm their mutation.

    Now if just the pupil is a wine red color it is an indication (especially with males) that the bird is split to cinnamon. Cinnamons will hatch out with red eyes that turn dark with a wine pupil by the time they are a few days old.
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