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Thread: introducing lovebirds to each other?

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    introducing lovebirds to each other?

    hello..this is my first time in the lovebird column.i mostly own budgies.about six months ago i got my first two lovebirds from my cousin. he had told me they were a pair so i took them home..they were acting fine together and were nice and noisy.about three months ago i woke up to find one of them on the floor of the cage dead. he had a sort of bloody bruise on his head so i figured the other one had killed him..now i am looking for another lovebird for this one.for the last three months she has been interacting with my budgies quite well..i was just wondering how should i go about introducing this lovebird to another one and if there is any way i could sex it. i heard that you feel the pelvic bones and if they move then it is a female.if its a girl i would find a male for her and vice versa. thx for your help i would really appreciate it.

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    Re: introducing lovebirds to each other?

    Are you quite sure she killed him? Just thinking that you probably would have seen some signs of aggression first. If she did kill him then it is possible she would be better to live alone. If you are willing to take the risk I would recommend getting one of the opposite sex, or if yours is a male then it could live with another male. The only for sure way to tell the sex is a DNA test, you can order them off the internet, and in some cases you can tell genetically. When introducing them I would recommend letting them meet outside of cages, so that neither are protective. Also, how big is your cage? Sometimes if birds don't have enough room they will fight more. Good luck

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