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Thread: *PICS* My new bird!!

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    *PICS* My new bird!!

    He is very cute, I think he is around 5 or 6 months old, was hand fed but then lived in a free flight bird room and was not handled much, so he is not tame, but doesn't bite. I am having fun teaching him to step up and not be scared of me I got him a couple weeks ago and totally forgot to post about it! He is living with Sobe and they get along well, they don't snuggle or anything, but they don't fight either, so I am thinking that they will be good friends after they get to know each other more. Oh yah! His name is seriozha, or serioza, not sure how I am spelling it yet, which is out of the book I am currently reading 'Anna Keranina'.

    haha do you see it? Lindy was figuring out how to get to her snack! Don't worry, except through glass she has no access to them.

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    Re: *PICS* My new bird!!

    Aww. Pretty and enthusiastic. It does really look like they've hit it off. My favorite pics of lovebirds are the ones where they explore together: it really captures their rambunctious spirit.
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