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Thread: How long before a new bird should eat???

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    How long before a new bird should eat???

    Hey all,

    I have recently purchased a new budgie and have it sitting in a seperate cage to my other 3. I have bought it the exact same food it has had from the breeder I bought it from but in nearly 3 days have not seen it eat at all, nor have I found any broken seed husks on the bottom of the cage. Any ideas how many days before it might start eating again before I should be worried, Im kinda worried now.....

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated....

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    Re: How long before a new bird should eat???

    It's normal for them to not eat in front of you, does it get time alone without the unknown (you) in the room ? Are there any seed husks in the bowl (some don't throw them on the floor, but put them right back into the bowl and it's hard to tell)? What do his droppings look like?

    He should start eating day 1, though not in your presence (as a prey species, it is their instinct to not be vulnerable around a potential predator). If he's not eating at all, I would take him to a vet, he may have been sold to you before he was fully weaned and you want someone who can check whether his crop is empty or not, if it is you may need to hand feed. Or he may have something wrong with his crop which makes him not want to eat.

    After 3 days if he's not acting weak/sick though, I would assume he's eating something.

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    Re: How long before a new bird should eat???

    Hi! Steve, Another idea you might consider would be to get some spray millet. Hang a sprig in the cage, or you can break one up in smaller pieces. Place some little pieces in a separate food cup and place it close by the food cup. And you can also place some of the millet on the cage floor, and/or between the bars of the cage. Millet is generally given as a treat for many birds, but since your little guy is quite young, and most likely is trying to adjust to his/her new environment, it won't hurt to give some millet to him/her at all.

    I have a little yellow budgie named Muffin who has been with me for about 4 months now. When I first brought him home he was very, very scared of everything around him including the inside of his cage. It seems to me that he might have been chased out of the food dish/cup by other budgies, before I got him. So he also wouldn't eat anything for a considerable period of days. I used the millet as an option and it did work for me. As Marrie said, it is not uncommon for budgies and all birds for that matter, to not eat and even drink water for a period of time when they are first brought home.

    I also agree that you might have to resort to baby bird formula. You can find it in a Pet store. I did use some of it for my little Muffin, but did not feed it with a syringe. I just mixed a small amount as directed on the can, and placed about 1/2 teaspoon of the formula on top of the bird seed in his cup. He was so hungry at the time he took to the formula right away. I would feed him about 3 times a day like this. Of course after you feed the formula you need to remove the cup with the seed, and remove any and all of the formula that was on the top of the seed, wash the cup and place most of the seed back in it. It is not a good idea to leave any wet foods such as formula in the cage for a long period of time due to spoilage.

    I hope this info is of help to you. Wishing you the best as you continue to bond with your new little budgie!

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