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Thread: What mutation? See my little handfeeder :)

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    What mutation? See my little handfeeder :)

    Hey, I just thought I'd update y'all. I have a pair of budgies I finally managed to get to breed, and while unfortunately of the four eggs layed, one was smashed, one got a bloodring after a few days, and one died just two days before it should have hatched, but one managed to make it and I just pulled him from the nest box Thursday evening.

    It was a little nerve-wracking at first. That first night he wasn't sure how to be handfed, and wouldn't accept the pipette. I did my best, and come night time gave him back to his parents for the night (they're OK with me handling the baby, so this went over well and they fed him that night and the next morning).

    The next day I pulled him again around 11 o'clock, waited for his crop to empty and then attempted feeding again around 3-4pm ( I don't remember exact time). Again we struggled, he was a little better though. Then I had an idea-- I knew lots of people would use bent spoons to feed the handfeeding formula, I did not have a spoon to destroy, nor the tools to bend it so I got a drinking straw and cut a rectangular notch in the end and rounded the edges. He began nibbling food off of this quite readily, and I was able to alternately use the straw then the pipette until he was hungrily accepting the pipette into his mouth to be fed.

    Now he begins his "feed me!" chatter as soon as he knows I am getting his food ready, and eats until his crop is nice and full.

    This is him after his most recent feeding.

    (yes, I was compelled to give him a teddy bear after I discovered that he has been cuddling with the hard plastic digital thermometer in his brooder, my sister kindly donated it from her stuffed animal collection)

    Now down to the fun stuff--- what mutation do you suppose he is? I'm 100% positive it's not lutino although a glance at the photos would tell me otherwise--- his eyes are dark and have been since he was hatched (by the way yes, I am pretty sure he is male based on my observations on previous clutches my birds have raised... I've always been able to guess what gender they were.. the females had distinct white rings around the inside of their nostrils at a young age, and wider pelvic bones).

    Anyway, I'll give you the information about his parent.

    Mother: Yellow face type II sky blue, believed to carry violet -- Parents unknown

    Father: Yellow face type II clearflight peid --- Parents: Mother: Yellowface type II sky blue. Father: Violet peid

    Now to me, it is pretty obvious this baby will be peid, and likely double yellow face or perhaps wild colored (do to his incoming yellow feathers), do you think he will be "more" than just a clearflight peid? Is there any chance he could be violet?

    I'm not well versed in budgie genetics, so I was wondering if any of you more well versed folks could lend me a hand?


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    Re: What mutation? See my little handfeeder :)

    What a sweet yellow baby budgie. I have no clue to genetics at all and just wanted to tell you that your baby is super cute!
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: What mutation? See my little handfeeder :)

    Thanks! xD And boy do I ever agree that he is cute, haha. Now to come up with names xD I'm thinking Loki, but I am not sure.
    I can't believe how yellow he is!

    hopefully someone with genetics knowlege will reply... I know time will tell, but man, it is so much work just waiting!!!!

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    Re: What mutation? See my little handfeeder :)

    Your baby budgie is so cute! He looks like he is going to end up a Dark-Eye Clear. It's basically like a Lutino but with dark eyes instead of red eyes. Dark-eye clear is a combination of recessive pied and clearflight pied resulting in a dark-eye clear. If your chick has red eyes, and is all yellow, it will be a Lutino. The Lutino mutation is basically a double factor spangle. In the picture, your chicks eyes look dark. I hope this helps and take care of that baby!

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