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Thread: Starting Over? No eggs hatched!

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    Question Starting Over? No eggs hatched!

    Hi everyone yes I'm new to this site and this I think is my first post actually....anyways!

    I have two fischer lovebirds, Berry and Fruitloop, and they had laid 5 eggs, the last being laid on Feb. 10th and none of them have hatched yet ( I know it takes 22-24 days for them to hatch so I guess it's time to give up? I set them up with a nest box around the end of Jan. , they have a nest box, a few toys, a water dish/ also serves as a bird bath for them. ( should I provide a second water dish?) I had provided carefresh in the nestbox and timothy hay every few days that they'd take into the nest too. It wasn't hot hot (around 74-76 i think) in the bird room so perhaps it was too cold in the room? and I've read it requires high humidity, perhaps it be a good idea to invest in a humidifier?? I just dont know what went wrong and I'm looking for what to do now and any suggestions for next time!! I do wanna let them try again perhaps in early May....This would have been the first time I ever had baby birdies so its kinda discouraging....

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    Re: Starting Over? No eggs hatched!

    Don't be discouraged! It is very common for a pairs first clutch to be infertile, kind of a 'practice round'. Hope you have better luck next clutch

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    Re: Starting Over? No eggs hatched!

    Hello.....I'm also new to this and had the same problem.....finally into the 3rd week of her second clutch I had found a few posts saying that they would mist inside the box to keep the humidity up then a few replies was that wasn't good because the eggs would get covered in water and therefore the chicks would not be able to breath.....so....what I did was to feed them then fill my bottle with warm water and then watch for the female to get ready to go back in the nest.....and give her a few squirts....not to get her real wet like a bath but just to get her a bit damp.....then she would settle on her eggs and gave a few squirts inside the box.....now only 1 hatched but like I said she had been sitting 3 weeks on them at that point so I figure that I saved the last egg that was laid....but as I also said I am new to these lil guys also......

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