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Thread: Sickly behavior: please read

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    Sickly behavior: please read

    Hi lovie lovers!

    So, first off, kiwi had been starving herself because she didn't like the food we gave her. We had phased her into it, and then she stopped eating. We didn't realize it immediately because she would put the food in her mouth, and we didn't see spit it out (we just thought she was being picky and pushing it around but still eating). Anyway we have her her old food back once she was noticeably ill, and as she is feeling better she is not comfortable with us anymore. She is very "run away" like.

    Is that because she doesn't trust us anymore?

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    Re: Sickly behavior: please read

    Her trust may be a bit shaken, but they can get over it with patience. I would suggest getting a gram scale though and weighing her to make sure she is gaining her weight back at a good rate. Sunflower seeds, bread (small amounts), millet, etc can help pack on a little weight, just be careful not to overfeed.

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    Re: Sickly behavior: please read

    Jenna I am sorry what Kiwi and you have been through and thank goodness she is a strong lovie to go through this, sometimes things really bad happen when they dont eat there food. How is she doing now? Hopefully she has become your friend again and is eating all of her food now. Boomer was a picky lovie too about his seeds and he wouldnt touch seed mixes that had any kind of vitamins or preservatives in them so if you do try out other brands make sure Kiwis is nice and natural. Volkman has great seed mixes, boomer ate the cockatiel mix without sunflowers in it all his life and if I even tried to change his Volkman seeds to the lovebird kind from Volkman he hated them and did just what Kiwi did.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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