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Thread: New From Canada

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    New From Canada

    Hi my name is Pat also known as yuckycharms. I am stumbling around TF trying to find my way. I am a first time parrot owner of my lovebird Mango. I am her 3rd owner which saddens me as she is only 9 months old/ She is having trust issues and rightly so. I can get her to come out now and step up but not without some protective gear on as she bites very hard and draws blood, her only goal is to bite.Today we had a great experience and she made me laugh. I noticed she has not bathed yet so when I had her out I also had a large mouth mug of water.As curious as she is she had to see what it was. She hopped right on the side of mug and proceded to have a bath. She was enjoying herself and you could tell it made me laugh. Right after her bath she noticed some skin showing between glove and long sleeve and bit me a good one. I look forward to getting her trust and of course it will be in her time not mine but I am in it for the long haul...bye for now

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    Re: New From Canada

    Welcome!! Sounds like Mango is with just the right person

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    Re: New From Canada

    Hi Pat, and welcome to the Community!! It sounds to me like you are doing ALL the right things for Mango right now. Considering she had two previous owners, I think you are progressing well. Lovebirds are "biters", and even when they are adjusted well to their environment, most tend to continue that behavior. That seems to be their nature so to speak. They are very "busy" birds, and I've read some real neat things about them. I know you and Mango will be "best friends" before you know it.

    Hope to see you around the forums. And do post pics of Mango sometime. We LOVE to see pics of all of the pets that folks care for.

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    Re: New From Canada

    Hi Pat and welcome to the forums. I'm very happy for you and Mango. Trust is going take time and it will be on her terms. I'm glad that you are taking the time and patience to work with her. So sad to hear at nine months old that she is in her third home but I'm very happy that you plan on making it her permanent one. The third time is the charm. Like Ellen mentioned, I hope you have an opportunity to post pics.. Would love to see what Mango looks like.

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    Re: New From Canada

    Sounds like Mango has finally ended up with a good owner, someone who isn't going to give up on her! Good for you As others have said, I'd love to see pictures!

    I love my doves, Calliope & Calypso <3

    CALLIOPE ("kə-LIE-ə-pee"): from the Ancient Greek Καλλιόπη, meaning "beautiful voice".
    CALYPSO ("kə-LIP-so"): from the Ancient Greek Καλυψω, meaning "she that conceals".

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