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Thread: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

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    Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    I am pretty new here and haven't posted much. But I visit today with a very heavy heart.........

    I have been crying since 8:45am when my sister came up and asked me which cage was the one above the turtles. I was like, "What, Why??" She said, Meanie my Parakeet was at the bottom of the cage dead. She left my room and I starting crying on the spot. As most of you know I breed Parakeets. My orignal parakeet are Bugle, Mama Tweet, Booger, Stewart, whom passed last year and Mr. Tweekers. When I paired them all off Mr. Tweekers needed a girlfriend. So I went off to the pet shop with my dad October 8th 2010. I talked to the women for awhile and said they had some year old parakeets for sale. Perfect age for Mr. Tweekers since he was about a year old at the time.
    My dad and I watched all the birdies hop around and interacting with eachother. There was one that stood out. She seemed to always be the one at the top of the perches, the one whom kept everyone in order, the most bright eyed, and she stood out. My dad purchased her for me and I took her home.
    The name Meanie came about a week into owning her, she bit like no other and screamed like no other. When she had her first clutch of babies about two months after purchasing her. It turns out she was a great mommy. She was only mean because her hormones were wacky and she was in a new home. Her first clutch of eggs were hatched out December 12th and 13th and only consisted of 2 chicks. When they hatched and grew feathers it turns out she had 1 boy whom looks like her and 1 girl whom looks like Mr. Tweekers. They are named Azure and Periwinkle. In the Spring and Summer of 2011 she had 2 clutches of eggs both consisting of 5 eggs each. All the chicks were a mix of Mom and Dad.
    Meanie May had bonded with me through the last 2 years. She came to trust me, let me pet her every morning and every night. She even let me hold her chicks and would nibble on my fingers while I was in the nest box, she didn't mind at all. Unlike many other female parakeets. She was also a fiesty one. Every morning she was the first one I heard screaming, SHE wanted the Attention, no one was going to get it until I said Hi to her first. This morning I really missed that. I really did and I am broken today. If anyone else tried to pet her she would scream and bite hard. With me it was different, she never bit me since she had bonded with me and she was a good bird. To make matters more heartbreaking her mate, Mr. Tweekers has been noisy as ever, he is calling her and everything. Pacing around the cage just waiting for me to put her back in there. Just yesterday they were getting ready for the 2012 breeding season, building their nest and everything.
    Last night before I put them to bed I shut everyones light off and of course Meanie May's had to be last. I said goodnight to her and she came up to my finger and looked at me for the last time. I wish I knew it was the last, I would of left the light on just a little bit longer.
    Thank You all for listening to my story. Most people don't realize how much personality a little creature such as a parakeet has. They are all so different. Please don't take any creature for granted. You may be surprised on how much they can impact your life.
    RIP Meanie May! I am heart broken today. I have lost a good little friend. I miss her so much!!!

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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    I'm sorry.
    Meanie sounds like a really great bird.
    I agree that budgies have wonderful personalities. It seems like each one is a unique experience.

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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    I am sorry for your loss. To lose a loved bird is one of the hardest things you can go through because they are such special animals.

    Rest in Peace Meanie.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Brand New Egg
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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    I also am new to TF. Sorry for your loss of a special friend. Just keep in mind what a good life meanie had and how much he was loved and was lucky to have such a patient owner

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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    Jamie, I'm so sorry that you have lost Meanie. Parakeets have a way of wrapping their hearts around our hearts! I can empathize with you because I lost my precious little parakeet, Maxi, who was 5 years old, last October. Thank you for sharing your story about Meanie. In the short life she had with you, I know she was a very happy little keet, and it sounds like she was the "perfect" mama too!

    Birds have to go through the grieving process when they lose a mate, just as we go through the same process when one of our precious little ones die. So Mr. Tweekers will probably display some different behavior for awhile too. I'm sending you a big "hug", Jamie, and I hope that one day you may decide to find another partner for Mr. Tweekers. It truly is a "fun" experience to breed keets. I have done that one time a few years ago, and like Meanie's babies, two of mine looked like Buttercup (the mom) and two of them looked like Nicki (the dad). Keep the memories of little Meanie tucked away close to your heart.

    Fly Free, and High over the Rainbow Bridge, Meanie! Rest in Peace!!

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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your bird passing.

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    Re: Today I am very HeartBroken!!!!!!

    i am so sorry to hear that meanie has died..but then again it is a good thing and you should be happy for Meanie because finally she can rest in peace and will not be disturbed again
    ive experienced the same thing as you and itys not very nice to find your budgie dead at the bottom of the cage when you wake up..
    its very hard to get over..
    ~Light green

    ~Dark factor

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