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Thread: Homosexual Canry

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    Brenda Rosario
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    Homosexual Canry


    I got a Spainish Timbrado over a year ago... I was shown he was male and he sang. However when all my canary went into molt he stopped singing. Which I thought was normal. Then breeding season came and my males started to get agressive with each other. So I separated them into pairs. However I did not have a female for the timbrado. So I finally got one and my male stopped singing. So I thought well maybe he is a she. The 2 timbrado get along fine in one cage. So I deceide to rearange my breeding cages. Well my male red factor got very aggressive towards one of my timbrados, even though they was seprated. So I figured he is a he...But my timbrados will not breed. My female has built a nest, and is giving all the signs for breeding. However my males goes and sits in the nest.
    So I think my male is Homosexual, and does not realize he is a he. Is this possiable ? Is there a way of correcting this behavior?
    Thanks for letting e post. Please help if you can.Thanks

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    Re: Homosexual Canry

    Hi Brenda.

    I'm not hugely experienced with canaries and breeding, but I do know that just by pairing up a male and a female, it doesn't always gurarantee breeding. Whether it is down to the individuals not particularly getting along I don't know. Could it be that he developed a previous bond with any of the other females before you paired him up with this current one?

    Be patient and see what happens with some time. Please keep us informed. Good luck!

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    Re: Homosexual Canry

    Your birds could be gay. Just putting a male and female together, does not mean they will click. Yes other than humans, some pets are gay. Recently I was walking my dog in a local park and 2 male dogs were having sex.

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    Re: Homosexual Canry

    Whereas a gay canary may sound funny it is not true. Your canary is showing signs of being young and inexperienced. He may also turn out to be one of the best fathers you can ever have. Some males do demonstrate this type of behavior. This is of course a 50/50 proposition. Males who do this can either be very attentive parents and mates, looking after every need possible to the hen and young. Others can be so pesky they crowd the hen and whenever she leaves sits causing problems. They will also continue to disrupt the nest and even discard eggs via trashing a nest over and over. Once again these are hard calls. Most people will watch him closely and determine how the hen reacts to his actions if she is ok and he fawns over her fine, if he bothers her and becomes a problem, well time to get rid of him or never use him, which ever you practice. If you see him breed with a hen you could also remove him after mating. This is not an unusual practice. Some breeders do not take the chance and remove males and let hens raise the young on their own. Once again if he is a problem, your call as to what to do but if he is young give him a chance and see. If he has a silver band he is a 2011 bird thus this is his first season, if any other colored band he could be a problem child.

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