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Thread: Maxx is 1 year old

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    Maxx is 1 year old

    Maxx turned 1 year old on the 26th. I was busy with family visitors that I didn't get a chance to post on here.

    I can't believe he is 1 already. Seems like yesterday HE picked me out, at 11 weeks.

    What an absolute joy he has been. He is a very quiet, playful, fun loving bird that I can not imagine my life without.

    I take him to work and he will go from finger to finger, never biting, and doing the side head time that melts anyone who happens to fall under his charm.

    My family visitors, which included my older niece, her other half and 11 year old son were totally mesmerized by Maxx. Enough so, that I think a bird will be their new family pet.

    I spent the afternoon on the patio with Maxx as he basked in the sun.

    Here are some pics of my little boy.

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    Re: Maxx is 1 year old

    Max is one handsome boy and by looking at all the fun things in his cage I can tell he is one spoiled boy too I really love Max's shiny ball toy hanging in his cage.

    Happy Hatchday Max!
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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