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Thread: New here and new to tiels.

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    New here and new to tiels.

    I just took some cockatiels in from someone that could no longer take care of them. and seems 1 has a problem.She has something hanging from her rear.Looks like maybe her rectum, its cherry red she looks fine and acts fine but just happened and scares me. I live out in the country and we have no birds vets around.Is this something thats gonna kill her? Is there anything I can do? They tell me she has been laying eggs over and over and last 4 eggs has had no shell.Any help please and thank you.

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    Re: New here and new to tiels.

    She needs to see a vet. Call around - exotics vets who know about birds are fine, it doesn't need to be an avian vet, those are rare ... there is only one in my entire state and it's hours away. Is there a university near you? Usually they have an exotics department. Just call around the different vets offices and ask them some basic questions about birds (diet, basic care, that sort of thing, how many birds they treat each year, etc). When you find one you are comfortable with, go there.

    Laying eggs with no shell probably means she is severely calcium depleted. Vets can give liquid calcium, or calcium injections, whichever they believe is better for her. The thing hanging out of her is most likely a prelapsed coacal and needs to be put back into place (sometimes it requires surgery, sometimes it doesn't - here is a thread made about it recently http://www.tailfeathersnetwork.com/c...oacal-prolapse.). Laying malformed eggs and nutrient deficiency CAN kill her and most likely will if this is not corrected. It is good she has found a new home.

    In the mean time, until you can get to a vet, since all are closed at the moment most likely (unless you have an emergency one, which would be good) try to keep her warm and make sure she keeps eating etc. See if you can get her to eat some calcium rich foods (kale, egg with crushed shell, bread with crushed egg shell baked into it, etc).

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