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Thread: When to Handfeed Baby Lovebirds

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    When to Handfeed Baby Lovebirds

    When is it right to handfeed the babies? Should I just let the mother handle it? Or should I help out because the male bird is now dead.
    If I start Handfeeing them will the mother stop taking care of them does anyone have any experince in this area? The Babies are 2 weeks old now.

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    Re: When to Handfeed Baby Lovebirds

    If momma lovebird is doing a good job caring for the babies, let her do her job! She's lost her mate. Don't take away her family on top of that!! If you want tame babies, do co-parenting. Mom feeds and you socialize the babies. It's the best of both worlds. The babies learn how to be birds and you teach them to accept the human touch. Just let mom know when you want to take her babies for a short time. I tap on the back of the box to alert her. Then I tell her that I'm going to take the babies for just a little while but I will bring them back. If you don't think she will understand, think again. Her babies are the center of her world and just make sure you do what you tell her you will do. While she may never be completely happy about you taking the little ones, at least she will know that you will return them to her unharmed.

    As the babies grow, make sure you increase the amount of available food so there's always enough.

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    Re: When to Handfeed Baby Lovebirds

    Also increase yours soft/fresh foods as she is now feeding along these are goods she can eat faster and feed to the babies, keep an eye on the babies you might need to help her even if you leave her one baby...word of advice best age for raising is between two and three weeks of age if they get too far along sometimes they wont take to feedings from people, but she should be fine raising them alone as long as she has enough food and water for them and herself. Dont forget to make sure calcuim is always available too.

    Hope it all works out well.

    Huge thanks to Sam for the sig...2 Cats, 2 Dogs, 30 Lovebirds, 7 Cockatiel, 5 Greencheeked Conure, 2 Rainbow Loris, and fish. My birds

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