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Thread: Help me please!!! five babies and counting

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    Help me please!!! five babies and counting

    ok. so my budgie just got five babies and she has an egg left. would she be able to feed all these babies. in the past she hasnt had more than three. here in barbados where i live we dont get no sort of hand rearing formula. i heard you can use plain yoghurt for the first few feedings but after what would i use if she doesnt take care of the last baby.

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    Re: Help me please!!! five babies and counting

    I know there are home made handfeeding formulas you can make yourself, if you need to. Certain books have recipes for it, but I can't find one available free online from my limited google search. Here is an emergency hand feeding formula recipe for tiels, which would probably work for a budgie for a little bit, but doesn't provide all the nutrients a commercial formula would. I would call the breeders in your area and see if any of them can offer you an alternative to hand feeding formula for your country. Or maybe you could mail order it if that is allowed?


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