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Thread: Noisy Conure

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    Noisy Conure

    We are resident in Queensland Australia and as can be imagined there are an abundance of parrots flying around and quite a lot of them screech in a not nice guttural voice. Our Conure has taken to intimating them and all our efforts to stop this have failed.
    Anyone got any brilliant ideas to stop this racket?

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    Re: Noisy Conure

    Oooh, the mimic annoying noises thing. It's hard to get a parrot who has taken a liking to a noise to stop making it, especially when he's hearing it daily and can "talk" to the birds outside with the noise. Ignoring him every time he makes it (don't look at him, don't talk to him, turn your back) and trying to teach him a new noise is probably a good way to start. Praise him whenever he makes other noises you like as well. It's probably going to be a battle to get that sound out of his routine though, since he's getting it reinforced by wild birds.

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