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Thread: In case anyone's interested...

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    In case anyone's interested...

    ...I'm going to be putting together some pocket-sized identification/vet record/care guide type forms. I'm designing them to be printed out and they will fit in Moleskine Volant (or possibly Pocket, or perhaps I'll do both) sized notebooks. I would love to get them professionally printed but it's just not feasible; it's hard to find somewhere that will custom-print a book or booklet that small, and those who do it charge a lot and want you make you get lots of them x_x. But, short of being able to that, the idea behind these is to print them out and tape/paste them into small notebooks to have as a sort of pocket-sized reference.

    I'm mainly doing this for myself, to have a quick reference for Calliope. If there is anyone out there interested in the idea, though, I'd be happy to make generic/blank versions for others to use.

    Respond to this thread if you like this idea, I'd like to know how many people this would actually appeal to. Who knows, there could be future marketing possibilities if there's enough of a demand for it. Hard to find pocket references for any animals but dogs and cats!

    I love my doves, Calliope & Calypso <3

    CALLIOPE ("kə-LIE-ə-pee"): from the Ancient Greek Καλλιόπη, meaning "beautiful voice".
    CALYPSO ("kə-LIP-so"): from the Ancient Greek Καλυψω, meaning "she that conceals".

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    Re: In case anyone's interested...

    When I had my fids, I did keep a journal. I had a spiral notebook for each bird. I weighed them each day, also recorded the avian vet checks along with the procedures they had such as nail trim, beak filing, etc., if any medications were prescribed, what kinds of meds and dosage. When I had my hen, also recorded her hormonal behavior, when she laid eggs along with her lupron injections she had. I made sure I had one with a pocket so I can also maintain their health records.

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    Re: In case anyone's interested...

    Have you tried Etsy? I'm sure there is artist that would print and bind up a book for you without costing an exuberant amount. Contacting your local art college for their book binding students and to make some pocket money can be a great idea as well and not cost a lot, not to mention having a client already looks great on their graduation resume.
    Honestly that's a great idea for any companion, especially if one has to go away and have a sitter watch their baby. A list of emergency contacts, vets, maybe even a small page of foods toxic to the pet or one of ‘favorite treats’.

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