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Thread: Found a tiel. Help!

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    Question Found a tiel. Help!

    As I was walking near my neighborhood, I found a very scared tiel in the woods. She couldn't fly much so I assumed her wings were clipped. I was able to lure her into a temporary cage with food so that I could get her home. I did check across the internet and around the neighborhood, but we couldn't figure out whose she was. So it looks like I have a new tiel!

    We've had her for about a month now and she is quite the aggressive one sometimes. She is very bipolar, sometimes she's in love with us and sometimes she hisses and tries to bite. She's gotten a lot better and calls to us every time she hears or sees us. Most of the time, I'll stick my finger in the cage and she'll put her head down so that I'll pet her. Very cute.

    She's quite interested in coming out of her cage. She steps onto my finger every time I put it near her. We waited about three weeks before we attempted to take her out because we were nervous about what would happen. So far, both times we've taken her out, she is quite nervous unless she is on my shoulder. Out of the cage, straight up my arm, and onto my back she goes. And then she stays. And we can't get her off! She will bite and hiss and go in the opposite direction each time I try to get her off. OR she will put her head down and make me pet her. She just wants to sit there. I have managed to get her off and onto the ground a few times, but she stays close by and tries anything to get back on. I've even bribed her with treats in her cage, in my hand, on the ground, just to get her off. But once she is content, she's sticking to it. How do I handle this? I can't make getting her into her cage a twenty minute ordeal.

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    Re: Found a tiel. Help!

    Hi Amber,
    I give you a lot of credit for taking this frightened tiel into your home. Do you know for sure she is a he or he is a she? Have you had the tiel at an avian vet yet?

    You have made a lot of progress.. Patience is key. I too had a tiel with a similar personality trait and when I was ready to put her back in her cage, it was the same ordeal that you are having. I have tried and succeeded with the time out method. When your tiel starts getting aggressive, put it back in it's cage for about 5 - 10 minutes, take it back out. If the behavior continues, time out once again. It took about 3 weeks before my female (Piper) caught on. Eventually, your bird will catch on.

    Hopefully, Marie will see this thread too. She always has great suggestions.

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    Re: Found a tiel. Help!

    Hi! Amber, I think you have accomplished ALOT with this little tiel, considering he/she was out in the elements all alone. From what you write, it seems to me that she/he was very tame and had been taken care of properly, and that she had not been lost very long. Usually tiels who are lost and/or abandoned will be very, very scared for quite a long time, and will not want much of anything to do with the person that finds them. So you have already come a long way with him/her. Carolyn gave you a great suggestion as to the "time-out" method of training. And when Marrie stops by, I am sure she will have some great suggestions too.

    Sometime when you have some free time, take some pics of your little tiel and post them. All of us that visit here LOVE to see pics! It doesn't take very long for a cockatiel to "steal one's heart", and it seems that is exactly what happened to you!! Good Luck!

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