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Thread: new bird owner, just need a little help

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    new bird owner, just need a little help

    hi! I just got a pineapple conure about 3 months ago, he is totally awesome! he has a few flaws that I was hoping you may have some answers about. I'll make this quick and simple.

    1. He bites anyone other than me and my fiance, my friends spend time talking to him and getting closer and closer, after about 5 minutes he will be there best friend, but the next time they see him its like they never met and he bites them again.

    2. he constantly flies to my head. I love it and think its cute but my fiance is getting tired of it. if she or I turn a corner, he will immediatly fly to who ever is out of site, we put him back on a perch and then flies right back on us.

    3. I cant really tell him he is playing or fighting with me sometimes, he loves to walk on my stomach when im on the couch, he will roll over on his back and grab my fingers, he will nibble alot and sometimes bite a bit to hard, if we stop he starts getting crazy and goes to my shoulder to bite my ears, i stop him and he rolls back over on his back and begins biting my fingers, I can't tell if this is biting or playing, he hardly draws blood.

    4. I can't seem to train him to do anything I have tried every technique I have read, other than stepping up (not on command) he doesnt do anything! He wont accept treats from me either! If i hold a nut or a cracker or something in front of him he will go right for my hand to bite me and not take the treats, the only way i can give him treats is by putting it on a plate and placing the plate on the cage lol!

    Can anyone give me some feedback?

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    Re: new bird owner, just need a little help

    Moved this to the conure section.

    Conures have a tendency to be a bit nippy when they are young. When he bites you give him a "No" or "No bites", whatever command you want to make it and a time out in his cage for a few minutes (doesn't have to be long). The least favorite thing for a bird is being ignored, so they usually learn pretty quick to stop. Only do it when he's biting too hard and won't stop though. If he stops for a "No" or you redirecting his nibbling to a chew toy, it's fine.

    Biting your friends is normal for now, have them go slowly with him. Without being around them daily, he will have trouble socializing with them properly. He may also be a bit cranky that his "best friends" leave him for so long. If you leave a parrot for a while when you come back they for sure hold grudges. So just make the socializing with lots of different people a positive experience for him and try to read his body language on if he wants to be handled by them yet or not to avoid bites. Socializing him with other people is good though.

    When he's on his back nibbling sounds like playing, he may get annoyed when you stop, without reading his body language I can't really tell. Birds can get rough when they play and sometimes it's hard to tell if they are mad or just having fun.

    Flying to you is NORMAL - to a bird, you are his flock and you're out of sight so he's going to go find you. Just keep putting him back on his playgym when he does it if you want him not to, that one is gonna take a while to train. When you leave a room, be sure to give him a flock call so he knows you are OK - in the wild bird flocks are always in constant contact via flock calls, so flock calling makes them feel better about you leaving. I say "I'll be right back" over and over until I am out of the room when I leave my bird and sometimes I have to call to him to let him know I am still OK if he starts to flock call me in the "where are you?" tone. Making his playgym a positive place helps too - favorite toy, favorite food, etc available during training.

    If he won't take treats from your hands, have you tried making a "treat cup" you can hold out for him? Some birds are a little funny about hands sometimes.

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