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Thread: CONFUSED femail budgee ontop of male ????

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    CONFUSED femail budgee ontop of male ????

    ive had two budgees for about two years one male one femail in the last week ive noticed the femail hopping ontop of the male looks like she is attacking him around his neck and he cant get away from her quick enouf should i get another male that will breed with her and wont fly away when she goes near him. also i thought it was the other way around the male gets ontop of the femail??? confused

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    Re: CONFUSED femail budgee ontop of male ????

    Maybe you have their gender switched, and it is in fact the male that is mounting the female! The very best way to find out their sex is to have them DNA tested, either by a vet, or you can go on-line and buy a DNA kit to do it yourself!

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