Hi everyone,

One of our budgies had fresh and dried blood caked around his vent this morning. He was also obviously distressed / traumatised.

We cleaned him up with salt water and found a fleshy swelling around his anus that extrudes about 7-8mm. The bleeding is coming from around here but I couldn't pinpoint the source.

Also, what looked like more swolen flesh came loose in cleaning - it was shaped like an hourglass about 5mm x 2mm:

Additional notes:
  • Vomited seeds were all about the cage
  • There were no bloody droppings - couldn't tell if he's even been pooping, though
  • He pooped while we were cleaning him - it was relatively large but otherwise unremarkable
  • I can't take him to a vet - the only one in the country is > 200 miles away; doesn't work on Sunday; I don't have a car

Any advice / assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'm at panic-stations here...