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Thread: Taking birds on train

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    Red face Taking birds on train

    Hi everyone I am new here and it's been lovely reading about everyone's lovebirds, they are so cute with such personality.

    I am a university student and my house for next year allows pets, I am planning on getting 2 budgies or 2 handtame lovebirds however to get from my hometown to university is a 2 hour drive or 2 and a half hour train journey. My parents will be talking the bird up and down in the car for the start and end of the year(in a small travel cage) , but for christmas and easter I would need to catch a train it would be 2 trains with a very short change over in the middle and then being picked up in car or catching a bus. I will have a second cage at home already set up for their arrival to minimise stress and get will them unpacked into the cage first. I have checked the regulations and I can take them on the train, but I wanted to ask if I should get a small cardboard box with air holes (this is what a pet shop recomended but it seems horrible for the journey) or a small travel cage. Should I keep the birds covered? Should they be in seperate travel cages? Should I give them a perch or a soft bottom? Also if it is very cruel to travel on the train for this journey, I'm sure I can coherce my parents into taking me in the car

    I wanted to add that my course isn't that intensive so I will be around the bird a lot although I'm still undecided if they should go in my bedroom or the living area (I will be in bedroom more but other people will walk past in living room). But I decided to get two hand tame ones as I may have summer work 9-5 for example and because of lovebirds long lifespan should I start working full time will have each other. I think birds will be more agreeable with landlords than a cat although I understand they are loud, I am willing to spend time after uni making sure I can continue to live with them. And even with work I will handle them after/before to keep them tame, I understand they will be challenging pets but they seem to give more back than a hampster!

    I'm currently shopping around for second hand cages suitable for 2 lovebirds and have a few in mind, and have already bought one for easter and christmas which fits the minimum requirements, Not to mention they will get much more time out in holidays as I don't have any work I will get a good size cage but I cannot wait till I'm settled after uni as I will be looking to purchase a Montana cage which will be really roomy and a real center piece for my apartment/house.

    Sorry for all these questions, but I have been researching on the web and mostly find people dicussing travel in the car and everyone seems to argue over cage sizes I have looked at your first time lovebird owner guide and have bookmarked it as there is a lot to remember! Thanks for any help and sorry for bombarding you with questions!

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    Re: Taking birds on train

    Could call the train you plan to take and ask how to properly take birds on their train and what to do. If they let birds ride am sure they will give you some help.

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    Re: Taking birds on train

    When I bought my lovie I put him in a small dark box so he was calm and couldn't be frightened by all the noise and people around him and he stayed quiet and peaceful the whole time.
    You can buy travel boxes for birds with handles from various pet shops.
    Hope this helps ^^

    Me and Phantom

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