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Thread: Egg still viable?

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    Egg still viable?

    My cockatiel laid an egg on May 4th. Before this, there were several other unfertible ones, and one fertile one on the 26th of April, that didn't make it and turned grey.

    At present about 3/4 of the egg is totally dark. The rest is an air sac, I think. However, we can't tell if the egg is still alive. As far as we can see, there's no movement in the egg what so ever. It hasn't turned grey, however.

    Any idea on if it is viable? Is it reasonable to expect movement? My mother claims she never saw a heartbeat, either, but considering that it's 3/4 dark, it must have had a heartbeat at some point that she didn't notice.

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    Re: Egg still viable?

    I have noticed that sometimes a baby will lie very still in its egg just before it's about to hatch (it's probably sleeping). Because it's in the last stages of incubation and almost completely formed, it's heart beat isn't visible.

    I hope this was the case and not that the baby didn't make it. The incubation period is 18-21 days from when the parents start sitting on the eggs, not from when the egg was laid, so I've still got my fingers crossed for you.
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