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Thread: My cockateils will not stop mating

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    My cockateils will not stop mating

    I have 2 cocktails they already have 2 clutches and I have separated them and they r unhappy they want to be together but when I put them together they mate with each other. How do I stop them from having any more babies.

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    odge Brand New Egg odge's Avatar
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    Re: My cockateils will not stop mating

    The only guaranteed way to stop birds from producing more babies is to separate them. You can reduce the number of daylight hours they have by covering the cage and rearranging the cage can also deter the hen from laying.

    I would put the cages next to each other so they can be close, but not together. You could give them time together each day outside of the cage which is monitored by you, so if they get up to no good, you can quickly put a stop to it, but this will help the separation anxiety.

    Good luck.
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