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Thread: Feeding My Baby(:

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    Feeding My Baby(:

    Hey there,
    I have a sun conure that is 6 almost 7 months old and I have a couple questions about his diet/eating habits.
    1) I was wondering if I should be on a scedule for feeding or if that is bad because the bird will learn the scedule and screech when he is ready to eat?
    2) He was on a mostly seed/veggie diet from the bird store I bought him from but the vet had me switch to kaytee colored pellets and only provide 1tbs of seed a day and eventually completly no seed at all. He hates the new pellet however. Will he eventually grow to like it?
    3) With the question above, I have been giving him the 1/3 cup of pellet in the morning which he doesnt eat and then in the evening he gets bird bread and veggies and fruit which he chows down. He knows he will get food later in the evening so he does not eat his new pellets. Is there a way to fix this?
    4) Is it alright if I have not found a fruit he likes? He loves veggies but no fruits at all. Is there a way to get him to eat the fruits? Can I substitute the fresh fruit for dry fruit and it will provide the same nutrients?
    Thanks for the help!
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