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Thread: Cockatiel Problems

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    Question Cockatiel Problems

    Hey all,
    I have a cockatiel that I adopted from the human society. They said he was surrendered by the family and that he was 4 yeards old. I have taken him in and he visits the vet on a reg basis. I have had him for about a year and a half. I am noticing some issues that I am unsure how to fix.
    1) Every time I hold him he flaps his wings out of control and pretty much tries to flap away. You cant hold him without him flapping crazily.
    2) He refuses to eat fruits and veggies, only his zupreme color blend.
    3) He doesnt like any toys. In the year and 4 months I have had him, I have never seen him play with toys.
    4) Sometimes he whistles but doesnt pick up on many other sounds. He use to whistle a lot more but now that he is in a bigger cage he is a lot more quiet.
    4) Can his cage be too big, too overwhelming?
    Any suggestions to these issues?
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