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Thread: have to leave lovebird at home.... What to do?

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    Unhappy have to leave lovebird at home.... What to do?

    I have a two year old lovebird and I'm going to visit relatives. I can't take her with me because one of my relitives smokes and i know it wouldn't be good for her( not to metion thefact that she gets very stressed every time i take her on long trips any ways...) How can I prepare her for this so she doesn't get bored or anything?

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    Re: have to leave lovebird at home.... What to do?

    If it is going to be longer then one night at the max I would get someone to watch her for you. Either a neighbor who can check on her and give her fresh water and food or even get a pet sitter to come by one time each day to check on her. I would take my lovie to the vets office where they would bird sit him but since he had troubles the vets were the best people to watch him. Some pet stores that sell birds also have bird boarding and they are cheaper then a pet sitter who comes to you house.
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    Re: have to leave lovebird at home.... What to do?

    As Boomer Girl said you cant leave a bird alone for too long a time. You didnt say how long you were going to be gone? I have a mutual aid agreement with a friend who also has birds. I can bring Ham over in her little cage for a few days and she can talk to the other birds. In return I go over to their house to birdsit and let them out for exercise when they are out. Ham however is a great traveler and goes on 400 mile trips with me at least 5x a year.
    We got lots of Ham here

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