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Thread: Help! trusting issues!

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    Help! trusting issues!

    I have had a beautiful parakeet for a week now but every time me or any of my family tries toput our hand in her cage she flies into a fit of squaking and flies around her cage. Can anybody give me any tips on taming her and getting her to trust us.

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    Re: Help! trusting issues!

    How long have you been putting your hands in the cage? Have you given the bird any time at all to settle into the new home and adjust to the change? A move into a new home is a very stressful thing with new people whom the bird has no connection to at all while abandoning any people the bird may have had a connection to at the pet store.

    Stop putting your hands in the freaking cage.

    Start sitting next to it, talking, singing and just being quite and calm. Let the bird get used to its new cage, new home and new people before you try handling it. The bird is now likely scared of you and your family even more now that you have moved too fast with it and gaining trust will probably be slow going due to this. As the bird relaxes you can begin putting your hand in the cage on the far side from the bird, maybe with some millet if you want for five minutes or so. As the bird adjusts and begins to relax with your hand far away but in the cage move a little closer and repeat the process.

    It will take time. A lot of time. Weeks. Maybe even a couple of months. I really hope you are up for it.

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    Re: Help! trusting issues!

    Hi, Lupa! It sounds like you are new to homing and caring for a budgie, so it is only normal that you wouldn't know exactly how to relate to your new baby. You can search for information on budgies on the web by google searching, "caring for a parakeet/budgie", or "behavior of parakeet/budgies". Also, there is information right here on the forum that you could read. Usually, budgies/keets warm up quite fast to their caregivers. Have you been giving your budgie a seed/pellet mixture, and fresh veggies. Leaf Lettuce and celery leaves are two of my little parakeet, Muffin's favorites. I've homed and cared for parakeets for over 50 years, and I truly do not think it will take weeks or months for your little guy to settle down and interact with you. One thing you might consider is to get a small piece of wooden dowel, or a small stick with no sharp branches on it, and ease that piece of wood into the cage and give the command "step up" to your little guy. Have a piece of millet (you can get millet springs in the petshops), in the other hand, and keep talking to your parakeet, encouraging him to step up. You could also do the same thing with a piece of whole wheat bread and the dowel stick. All birds are afraid of human hands. It is just a natural instinct for them to fly away from them. Patience always wins when it comes to training a parakeet and any other bird. My budgie loves classical music played on my CD player, and also he likes to watch cartoons on TV. I would not worry about causing "distance" between the two of you. Usually it takes about 10 days or so for them to realize they are in a safe environment. You could also google "training budgies/parakeets", and find info that others might share on the web. I hope to see pics of your new baby one of these days. What did you name your parakeet? I just know that you two will be "best friends" before you know it. Hope to see you around the forum!
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