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Thread: Need Tips on Converting From Seed to Pellet

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    Need Tips on Converting From Seed to Pellet

    When I got my sun conure about 3 months ago(He is 6 almost 7 months now) he was on an all seed/veggie diet. I am having a hard time converting him to pellets. I first tried kaytees colored pellets and he had some sort of sick reaction to those within the first two days and now I am wanting to convert him to Harrisons pellets. My GCC picked up on Harrisons at 4months old and lives happily on an only pellet diet with seed as a treat but my sun does not like the pellets one bit. Any tips/suggestions on how to convert him over?
    Thanks (:

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    Re: Need Tips on Converting From Seed to Pellet

    I have had my cockatiel, Pepe, for two months. He's from a pet shop in Veracruz, Mx so no taming whatsoever. He knew nothing of pellets or fresh food so I knew this would be a challenge. The first few days I gave him a mixture of more pellets and little seed in the same cup. Then only pellets until noon and added a cup of seed after that putting the pellets higher in the cage than the seed. He was soon eating pellets and preferred them to seed. Now I follow the same routine with fresh food and he's tasting and eating more things every morning. At first I put into the fresh food cup a few pellets or sunflower seeds to get his beak in the cup. He never touched the sunflower seeds and I wanted to use them for training so I cracked and partially opened them until he got the idea, but now he cracks them open for fun and doesn't really eat the kernal. I empty his seed bowl into the garden and now I have a sprout farm for him. I never use any spray and fertilize with my aquarium water so he has sprouts everyday. I have been trying to get him to use his bird bath so I throw a few sunflower seed into it and yesterday he played at picking the seeds out so maybe he'll get the idea soon. I know feeding like this may be considered "tough love", but a healthy diet is very important and it's not easy to change them over. At first he yelled and strutted around like a spoiled brat having a tantrum, then banged his beak on the food cup like a woodpecker, but soon he would be at the cup eating like he had been eating pellets all his life. Just tell yourself, "the food is there and he doesn't have to be hungry, he can eat."

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    Re: Need Tips on Converting From Seed to Pellet

    I purchase Brown's Tropical Carnival Gourmet Food for all of my birds and they LOVE IT!!
    It contains seeds, fruits, nuts, veggies and pellets.

    Birds really should not be on just pellets. Some pellet diets have been known to cause kidney problems in birds. And, birds really need fresh seeds. So, I give my birds a mixture, and Brown's seems to fit the bill very nicely for my birds.

    If the bird doesn't eat it, it's not going to do him any good, regardless of the quality.

    I also give my birds fresh fruit and veggies in a salad every day. I chop everything up fine and mix it all together, ensuring that they get a balanced diet. I also buy Bird Street Bistro Parrot food that you cook. They love that, too.
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    Re: Need Tips on Converting From Seed to Pellet

    Twitter is on the "Twitter's choice" diet. She is pretty good about eating anything we put in front of her, but the ratio of seeds to pellets varies depending on what time of the month it is. When she doesn't have eggs, she LOVES her seeds. Seeds are fun to eat, fun to throw, and apparently very tasty. When it comes close to egg laying time, she inhales her Harrison's pellets - and pretty much ignores her seeds. I figure she knows what she needs better than I do! She gets veggies as well, but that really doesn't change throughout the month.

    Earl lived on seeds for the first year of his life. He had never really seen pellets other than the "icky" ones in the seed mix he was raised on. Putting pellets in his dish was pointless. He saw them as poison and wouldn't go near the pellet dish until...

    I started feeding Earl Harrison's pellets within sight of Twitter's cage. I started showing him how I gave her a dish of pellets right around her egg laying time. She, of course, started going crazy over the pellets. Then I made a BIG production to show him that I was giving him the same thing, out of the same bag, going into the same kind of dish. I left his seeds in his cage, but he kept watching Twitter. If she was eating all that "stuff" it can't be poison, right? I didn't try to force him over to the pellets, and it took a while, but he soon realized that pellets are awesome bird food, too. He goes on seed binges when she does, and he goes pellet crazy when she does. So far, it has been working out pretty good...

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