Seems like every time I go M.I.A I always come back and re-introduce myself with a new addition

My flock is doing great!

Skittles is still the most perfect lovebird I've ever encountered! She turns 18 this year in August. For those who remember that she plucks her neck, well that's still happening. I still try new remedies as I hear about them, but nothing helps improve the condition or prevent it all together. I also decided to give her full flight again, just to give her more exercise.

Marley.. is... Marley.... I swear, I still want to pluck him bald and fry him up for his wings (kidding I never would). But he is just so stinkin' cute. He'll walk up to me at the top of the cage all floofer cheeked and do a smooching sound and then waddle away. He's just a nightmare to step up and stay on my hand still. He'll step up but as soon as I move, he'll launch himself and run away (he does have a light wing clip). And it's definitely NOT a game, he is in an absolute panic by the time I get him to his cage.

Now on to my newest addition:

Seth (lol horrible name) the blue crowned conure. I found him on one of my daily Kijiji browsing sessions and noticed he was posted at a REALLY cheap price including a cage ($100.00). His owner had no time for him and as I found out later, he was being kept in a basement for 2 years with little to no interaction from his owners (who at the time were his parents).

The only 2 reasons I acted on a whim and brought him home were the fact he was so ridiculously cheap, I know someone would've bought him for their kid because he is a bigger parrot and cheaper, with absolutely no knowledge about this species.. AND the fact that he was alone.. in a basement, with a light and a radio playing...

NO bird deserves this, even if their owners' intentions are legitimate (lack of time, no room etc...)

He is 10 years old, banded, DNA'd male and his previous family has had him since he was a baby right from the breeder.

I've had him for a little over 24 hours haha and aside from him being extremely scared out of his mind.. he's venturing out to the top of his cage, taking treats from my fingers and slowly experimenting with some toys. Not to mention.. he's beyond cage protective.

However, if I'm reading his body language right he threatens to bite (ie: lunging forward, sparring (fake biting) with whatever is in front of him) and instantly backs off, he's not making an effort to bite me. So I am reading this as sheer fear and confusion as opposed to aggression.

He stepped up onto a towel (by accident) and once he realized he was off his cage, had a bit of a panicked look to his face. But I seized that opportunity to move to the bathroom with him and see how he was for stepping up and reacting to a new being. He was GREAT!!! He stepped up no problem, nibbled and tasted my fingers, after about 20 minutes, I could gently rub his belly (he did give a few warning "beaks" when he had enough), and he calmed down and started grooming and stretching his wings. I also was able to scratch his cheek and it was enough to make me melt when he went all floofy headed <3


So that's my long winded story and update!

Also forgot in October last year I found a lovebird in a tree... I just happened to hear it calling to my two from the road. I amazingly saw it out of the corner of my eye, in a smaller tree. Walked up to it and gently picked it up haha.

She was this cute little seagreen who was extremly friendly, but the nestiest hormonal hen EVER!!!!!!! My god she was even more of a devil bird than my first lovebird, Kirby. I ended up re-homing her to a woman and her daughter.