Hello! We're new here...my husband and I have gotten 3 tiels, Hooper, Quint and Brody. Hooper has had an issue with one of his tail feathers bothering him. It's a single long feather that seems to wiggle loose but not want to fall out. It bothers him terribly when it rubs againts his perches or our other tiels. This is the second time it has happened since owning him (in the past 2 months). The last time it bothered Hooper, my husband plucked the feather and it gave Hooper instant relief. I'm worried if we keep plucking it, that it might cause the feather to always grow in weak? Is this something we should do for Hooper if the feather bothers him or should we leave it be and hope it falls out? Hooper won't pull the feather. He chews on it and squawks but won't pull it. We clipped his wings last week, before that though he was fully flighted. We decided to clip him to help train him. He can still glide and he lands very well do we don't think he broke his feathers from flying or landing incorrectly. It's more like the feather is growing in poorly.
Sorry so long. Any help is appreciated. These are our first teils. My husband grew up with two amazons and knows a bit more than me, but I'm looking for all opinions on this. Thank you!