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Thread: Father Plucking Baby cockatiel

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    Father Plucking Baby cockatiel

    I have 3 baby chicks approx 2-3 weeks old. The father of the babies has just recently turned to plucking the babies feathers and has started to pluck the hen at the back of the head. I am wondering if the hen can handle/will feed the babies by herself. I can offer supplemental feedings if necessary. I currently have the male separated but close to the mother and babies cage.

    I am positive it is the male plucking them as I found new feather quils from the babies in his mouth.

    What would be the best option.. If at all possible I would like to avoid handfeeding altho I do have a brooder and know how to handfeed as I have done it before. If I ended up handfeeding what would be the best schedule for feeding the babies? would 7am 12-1pm 5-6pm 11pm work?

    The babies were hatched on May 4 and 2-May 6.
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    Re: Father Plucking Baby cockatiel

    Oh what a shame Dad is plucking the wee ones. It's also a problem because they are likely to be pluckers themselves. It's a tough call, but I think you made the right choice in removing Dad. Keep a very close eye on mum and the chicks, it's a tall order feeding 3 babies - especially as they will need more food as they get older until they start to wean. Parents tend to keep the chicks crops full, so if you notice small or empty crops, I'd definitely give mum a hand with feeding them and be prepared to take over if necessary. If you were to lift them now (3 weeks) I'd give them 5 feeds a day (7, 11, 3, 7, 11), reducing it to 4 when they are mostly feathered and then slowly reducing it 3 feeds/day then 2 and one.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out.
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