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Thread: Baby robin help

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    Baby robin help

    A week ago 3 baby robins hatched in the nest on my fence, one was never born. But last nigt 2 went missing there is only one left. The mother watches it from a far distance. We have fed it once today. There is a reason for that the mom watches the bird but doesnt feed it. We think the bird is going to die of starvation or dehidration. Should we take the robin in our old abandoned warm*shed or leave it be and hope the mom starts feeding it and taking care of it?

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    Re: Baby robin help

    I would leave it there. Are you sure the Mom isnt feeding it? I read lots of times that many babies are brought to wild bird rescues for this reason and they say that most of them actually were being fed and the people just were not there when the Mom fed them. But then if two of the other babies disappeared perhaps there is a cat, rodent or snake that came up and ate the other two babies. Maybe if you call a wild bird rescue in your area they would be willing to come out and look at the baby to see if it needs to be rescued or not.
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    Re: Baby robin help

    I'm not sure where you are but try this number - 773-988-1867. It's for Chicago Bird Monitor in Chicago, IL. They deal primarily with injured/dead birds that have flown into windows of high rise buildings in the Chicago area but they are also connected to wild bird rehabbers and groups that do that kind of work. If they cannot help you they can probably refer you to someone who can.

    I'll also add this: we had robins build a nest in an empty wall planter by our side kitchen door, laid and successfully hatched 4 eggs. One chicl disappeared but the other three fledged while we were on holiday a weel ago. I will say that neither Mr. nor Mrs. Robinson would feed the babies if they knew I was watching from the kitchen door or the family room window. I'd guees that it's a protective measure; the chicks were quite noisy when being fed and maybe not feeding is to avoid the attraction of predators.

    As a last resort I'd suggest emailing Dr. Scott McDonald @ DrSEMcD@aol.com. He was able to point a TF member to help with a baby sparrow when no-one else would/could help him. Good luck and thank you for trying to help - everyone deserves a chance at surviving.

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