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Thread: My crazy P'nut

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    Brand New Egg Liz Ball's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
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    My crazy P'nut

    I have so fallen in love with my tiel. I didn't know you could love a bird like this. He's so crazy and so much fun. Here are a couple of newer pics. Can you tell I am a first time bird owner? LOL.

    I am addicted to Angry Birds. Here is P'nut playing with me rescuing those eggs!

    Here he is chilling on his gym after a bath. I think he looks so funny all wet.

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    Tailfeather maxollie's Avatar
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    Re: My crazy P'nut

    Now that is a hoot! P'nut playing "Angry Birds"!!! (lol) Personally, I LOVE to play that game myself!! Yes, tiels do have a way of stealing our hearts and wrapping themselves around our "heart strings"! So happy to hear all is going well with you two! Love the pics! He looks like he is the "King of your castle"!!

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    Tailfeather boomer girl's Avatar
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    Re: My crazy P'nut

    I think all birds look silly when they are wet. Peanut is a lucky bird that has a parront that loves and adores him and spoils him which to me is a excellent bird life.

    I have angry birds on my cell phone and refuse to even turn it on because I know lots of people addicted to it and my hubby already complains about me coming here and on my facebook page enough that I know he would "kill" my cellphone if I decided to play angry birds on it.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Administrator Tailfeather Community Administrator
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    Re: My crazy P'nut

    Haha P'nut likes angry birds... my tiel "helps" me play games too. They are like cats with laser pointers sometimes with stuff on screens. Tiels are great companions, they have so much personality and you can't help but adore them. Glad you two have such a great bond, honestly there isn't another pet I have ever enjoyed having around more. I love my bunnies, I love the dogs I have had, but birds are just so loving. <3

    Deanna, yeah first day I got my tablet I put angry birds on it and the boyfriend didn't let me have my tablet back for like an hour it's an addictive little game.

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