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    Talking My Conure Kiwi Taking a Bath and Splashing A LOT!

    I am new to the site, but if you like my video I upload videos daily of my bird

    I got my bird from a breeder, shes a hybrid of a Green Cheek Conure and a Black Cap Conure. Her mother was a Black Cap and her father was a Green Cheek, she born on 1/13/2012 so she is 5months and 9 days in the video, now shes almost 6 months old. She loves to fly on you if you are just sitting there watching T.V. or minding your own business. She is an amazing bird!

    Skip to 54 so you didn't have to watch the beginning of the video.

    I would like to hear a bit about your birds in the comments

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    Re: My Conure Kiwi Taking a Bath and Splashing A LOT!

    Hi Richard. I have a slow internet so I couldnt watch the video. Since my internet is slow I myself perfer pictures but on good days I can watch videos so perhaps mix in a few pictures with the videos for us here who live in places with slow internets. Your conure sounds like a great bird and he sure is a cutie.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: My Conure Kiwi Taking a Bath and Splashing A LOT!

    Pretty bird!

    I love watching birds bathe. They always look so happy!

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    Earl - Budgie
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