I am a new mom to two male green cheeked conures that I adopted from the animal shelter less than a week ago. I've only ever owned cockatiels, so conures are a new adventure for me. They came from a hoarding situation in which the owner had way too many birds. They were all different species. We think these two were housed together because they are very close, and I am keeping them together at my house. One is definitely a year old and the other is a bit older (just a guess). I've been having issues with both of them and I'm wondering if someone can help.

1) The older one (Tiko) bites my lip and ears when he sits on my shoulder. He is very curious and already knows how to step up. Although people make him nervous, you can tell he is interested in what you're doing. My question is, am I doing the right thing my just taking him out of his cage a few times a day and putting him on my shoulder while I do my daily activities? Will this teach him that people are not so scary?

2) The younger one (Diego, 1 year old or less) is TERRIFIED of people. Unlike Tiko who holds his ground when a human hand approaches, Diego flails and flies to avoid being touched. He won't even take treats from me. If he won't even take treats, how do I teach him to step up so I can socialize him? He hasn't been outside of the cage at my house yet because I will have to grab him, and I hate doing that. I'm just letting him be for the time being, getting used to his new cage, food and toys. Anyone have any advice?