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Thread: Pineapple Green Cheek and a Cockatiel?

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    Pineapple Green Cheek and a Cockatiel?

    I am at a point where I want a companion for Marston during the hours that the apartment is empty(when me and my gf are at work, etc), while also expanding my bird family into more than one breed. I was initially thinking another cockatiel but eventually decided against it. There is a four month old pineapple green cheek conure that I have been looking at for the past month or so for fun, and I have read up on other experiences but would like to ask for personal opinions on the subject. Do you think they would get along? Has anyone kept both birds at the same time? If it happens(I haven't made up my mind as I know it is a big commitment) they will be housed in separate cages and I know all about the quarantine process. They will be kept in the same room afterward (the bedroom), where I have a large gym setup and plan to have more play areas to come in the near future. Conures have larger beaks and seem to be able to cause much more intense damage, and even if play outside their cages was supervised, is this a probable match? Would it work or am I being selfish? I know all birds have their own personalities and this conure seems like a sweetheart, very playful and docile. Marston himself is somewhat of a brat, though. Anyone have any advice? Thanks

    Edit: LOL I didn't really know what board would be the right place to ask this kind of question ^.^;
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    Re: Pineapple Green Cheek and a Cockatiel?

    I see nobody is keen on giving you a reply!
    It is very hard to know if this could work out, if you are talking about having them in the same cage i would say NO!
    But having them in the same room in different cages will give them company, by just having another bird around.
    Having them both out together could depend on a lot of things and only by trying this could you find out if it is possible.
    My worry when I try new things is 'What am I going to do if things don't work out.
    When I take in a new bird it is meant to be for life. I have been very lucky and have only had to move one bird out. As he was hurting my Tiel babies. It was from jealousy though, he did not want to share my time with the others, not aggression. But it still hurt having to let him go.
    These are only my opinions.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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