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Thread: Baby zebra finch nearly killed by its parents?

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    Unhappy Baby zebra finch nearly killed by its parents?

    so today i came home from school and my mom said that the zebra finches have thrown a 10 ish day old baby which eyes were nearly open and tried to kill it.

    i don't have much experience with baby birds because im more into reptiles and this.

    so i quickly took a syringe warmed up some boiled egg mixed with boiled water to make it a little more watery than dry (which we feed to our finches when they have babies).
    they dont sell any baby finch hand feeding food here. so i wouldnt be able to feed it with anything else. :<

    and tried to feed the baby. but it was breathing weirdly. like heavily trough its mouth.

    it was begging for food so i shoved the syringe a bit into his throat and put some food into it

    i know that there isn't a big chance to save it.

    but i'd like to know. why its breathing like that. is it cause it fell on its stomach and the lungs got hit?

    also its nose was bleeding too. :<

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    Re: Baby zebra finch nearly killed by its parents?

    Wow, good on you for trying to help and being realistic in what the outcome may be. A baby that old should of been further along than what it is when it hit the floor. Generally a baby is discarded by its parents for three reasons. 1- a total accident, which this does not sound like. 2- They did it on purpose because they know soemthing is wrong and dealt with it by removing the chick. Sounds cold but it is natures way. 3- The male wants to mate again and he removed the obsticle, the baby. Happens a lot. I would lean on number 2 because of how under developed the chick was at the day in life you stated it was at. The mouth open part or heavy breathing can be a multitude of things. Respiratory distress, fungle, baterial, mite/lice. It can also be a normal birth abdormality. Many causes can display themselves in heavy breathing. If it was doing it before you started feeding it yourself, I would guess it is a fungle/baterial problem it picked up. Not unusual in young chicks or finches. If it started after you started feeding, you may of, lets say as we humans do when you suck in while eating, it went done the wrong pipe. This can happen easily even with experienced breeders. But can result in what you described and be fatal. If the chick does not show any signs of strength in a day, I would let nature take its course.

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